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FRACOM has developed two cutting-edge MS Window-based interactive software products, FRACOD 2D and FRACOD 3D , for 2D and 3D simulation of fracture initiation and propagation and rock failure analysis. One of our primary objectives is to predict the fracture propagation and interaction of randomly distributed fractures in an elastic rock medium. It can handle both tensile and shear failures and it makes use of the Displacement Discontinuity Method (DDM). With a normal PC the code can simulate tens of non-symmetrical discontinuities in a rock mass. These programs can also be applied for materials like concrete, glass and ceramics.

FRACOM's software products are robust and easy to learn and use. The file handling and graphical interaction procedures of the software have much in common with those in other Windows packages such as Microsoft Word. This means that many of the learning overheads required by FRACOM products will have been mastered through the use of other commonly used programs and enable the users to focus their own geomechanic issues.


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